Mariam Allam

BollyX Instructor

Hey I am Mariam I am based in Toronto Canada. I currently work as a lecturer at Wilfrid Laurier University at Waterloo Canada. I graduated from Cairo University in Egypt with a BSc and MSc degrees in Water Resources Management and moved to Boston in 2011 for a PHD at MIT before moving to Canada. My fitness journey has been a very interesting one! After leading a relatively sedentary life style I attended a kickboxing class at MIT and I was challenged by the instructor and that was the moment I decided to completely change my life style. Eversince I became literally addicted to fitness and lost over 20 lbs in that fitness journey. In 2016 I got certified as an AFAA group exercise instructor and a BollyX instructor. Ever since my first BollyX class and I got hooked to it! The best thing about BollyX is that it is designed in a way that maximizes fat burn with interval training and movements that train upper and lower body so you get to unleash your inner rockstar with awesome people around you and workout at the same time!! Who can ask for more?! Can’t wait to dance with you ;)