Cheryl Owen


I currently teach Pilates Mat and Pilates Reformer, and my certifications are from The Physical Mind Institute in New York. My approach to teaching is to connect with, challenge, and motivate people to achieve their fitness goals through a mind and body awareness. It gives me the greatest pleasure to see people change their bodies by improving their core strength, flexibility and posture over time. I am passionate about what Pilates can offer to populations of all ages, whether it is in a group fitness mat class, or in small group and/or private training on an apparatus like the Pilates Reformer.

Inspiring people to improve themselves has brought me the greatest satisfaction, and I encourage my students to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I have been recently focusing a lot on extension work, which I feel is very important especially in these current days of technology. I just love it when members share their progress with me. As one of my students recently reported: "I feel longer and leaner and stretched out, and I'm also a bit taller. My doctor just told me I grew an inch!"