Kristen Gohr


Kristen is a certified fitness instructor with 13 years of teaching experience as well as 17+ years

of completive training and sports. Exercise is a daily activity for Kristen.  Her joy and passion

radiate to all of her students, as she is particularly skilled at teaching multiple levels of fitness--

from beginners to advanced.  Kristen says: “Becoming and instructor has changed my life for

the better in so many ways and I try to share this positivity with my students in each and every

class." In additional to Kristen's group exercise teaching, she is master level cycling USA level

1 Cycling coach.  Having had a colorful career as a competitive cyclist and triathlete, she has

found a more peaceful way to stay healthy that incorporates practices such as daily yoga

enhancing the body and the mind.  As a recovering competitive athlete, Kristen continues to

enjoy running and cycling, but prefers hiking with her family and their dog.  Fundamentally, her

instructing has given her the strength and flexibility to enjoy activities to the fullest.

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